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Saturday, September 22

Since I've been gone

I wish I could regale you all with my patented wacky adventures but alas, since I last posted nothing much has happened to me well nothing of note that I can remember, OK a few things of note have happened but nothing that involved me throwing up on people or pashing strangers (well not that I can remember) so I can't really really provide you the interesting material that you come to know and love here on 'Kimberly-Lives'

I made a new friend, she rocks, I went to a protest, I went to a couple of festival thingies, I handed in assignments I got one assignment completely wrong and I have to re-do it, and I'm at another Kimberly crossroads in my life and I don't know what to do.

I'm still absolutely poor, luckily everything I have been doing of late has been free, or cheap or paid for by other people. Oh well I have picked up extra shifts these holidays so hopefully I can be back in the black.

Gah! what I do need is alcohol

Free Alcohol.

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