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Wednesday, August 29

Why me?

I am too busy to write, too tired to write there is far too much boring stuff I am swamped with there are some "more interesting" things I am swamped with but they really don't concern you dear my anonymous reader.

I am poor beyond belief and I think they have cut off my mobile phone, I forgot about the whole paying bills every month thing, so if I don't respond to Sms' my apologies but I am poor and will be for a while yet.

Will keep you posted on my poverty, well I'll try to but if my net gets cut off too it may be a little tricky.

Curse my desire to purchase random pieces of crap, to fill the void where my heart should be.

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1 comment:

Lynda said...

I was just about to leave you my number so you can sms me now that I'm down in Sydney :P

if you want to email me yours maybe we can work something out...