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Wednesday, February 9


Was just browsing through some family photos and noticed how much my brother and I have changed

exhibit a)

That's me and Deryn in 1992 when we both attended Tea Gardens Public School, I actually remember the day quite vividly as my brother was crying wildly because he didn't want his photo taken you can actually see his teary eyes and the wet patches on his shirt where he wiped his face on it, I remember crying too, but I cried so much in primary school, I used to cry so much that one of my teachers used to call me 'Warragambah' after the huge dam in Sydney.

Exhibit b)
This was taken at Deryn's Graduation formal in November 2003m, god I got fat and pale, it was a fun night though, and my brother looked oh so grown up in his suit, makes me wanna cry.


Anonymous said...

Aww! You're both all cute and then all cute and growed up!! awww!!! *sniffle*

Kimberly said...

aww shucks Babs, but we haven't gotten that cute.