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Monday, February 14

It's Valentines day

Kimberly: Oh it's midnight, it's now officially Valentines Day!
Brain: So what does that matter to you you are alone
Kimberly: Oh yeah i forgot, well I can still enjoy the day, right?
Brain: not really remember you hate people and you particularly hate people who publicly display affection therefore this day is going to be the worst day of your life.
Kimberly: surely not the worst day, I mean the 'Dead Dad Day' was pretty bad
Brain: Yeah, but people werent running about with overpriced flowers and chocolates in a vain attempt to disguise the fact that their relationships are just long drawn out sexual interludes.
Kimberly: You weren't at my Fathers funeral.
Brain: no I haven't been around much lately, I do apologise but sunning myself in Bermuda was a much more tempting option than hanging out with you.
Kimberly: But I thought you liked my company?
Brain: I do, I honestly do, but only when you do exactly what I say.
Kimberly: But I always do exactly what you say, don't I?
Brain: Honey I never told you to buy those Homer Simpsons statuettes, all sixteen dollars worth of them.
Kimberly: What? I swear you did, I mean... but... why didn't you say anything?
Brain: Um... remember that voice that was going 'you fucking idiot you can't afford to spend $16 on yellow plastic'
Kimberly: Yeah but I thought that was my conscience
Brain: What do you think your conscience is? for fucks sake are you an idiot.
Kimberly: I don't know you tell me... Hey weren't we talking about Valentines Day
Brain: oh yeah but it has no relevance for you, I mean after all you are alone
Kimberly: No I'm not, I have you for company.
Brain: Yeah, you do, for a few days at least
Kimberly: why only a few days?
Brain: i've decided to go on a Contiki tour of Europe next week
Kimberly: what? why? what?
Brain: I need to get out and see the world and hang out with the 18-35 set
Kimberly: but... but I'm the 18-35 set
Brain: yeah but y'know they seem you know cooler, and they like to do y'know stuff
Kimberly: ok fair enough, but please can you send me a postcard?
Brain: I'll try but you know I'll be pretty busy with the touring and the drinking and the stuff
Kimberly: Don't worry then.

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Anonymous said...

"Brain: Honey I never told you to buy those Homer Simpsons statuettes, all sixteen dollars worth of them."

LOL! No, that was Babs ... (who has no relation to any brians whatsoever)