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Friday, March 25

My Friday was good, was yours?

Today I got to catch up with a friend of mine Steven, and we went to the movies and saw 'Robots' which in my opinion sucks but I pretended to enjoy, followed by rambling around 'Paddys markets' to get supplies, as my friend Steven (who also happens to be a chef) was going to unbeknownst to him was going to cook me a meal from this giant swag of seafood that my mother had won in raffle yesterday. Luckily he didn't complain and I got a lovely meal of oysters, parawns, balmain bugs and crab that was to die for... Whoever thought of this fish thing was a genius, and who knew chefs can cook in home kitchens?

I'm still sick with cold but have been ODing on the garlic, chilli and the ginger, I smell deliciously odd, but who cares, I'm not going to visit the queen.

My Good Friday was very Good indeed, I like eating lots of fish alot. I really have to work on my grammar and all round eloquence.

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