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Wednesday, March 23

I have a cold

The title is pretty much self explanitory.

I have spent all my money on cold and flu remedies and comfort food (comfort food today is macadamia nuts) so now am poor.

I got to see my dear friend Richie yesterday we went and saw 'Million dollar Baby' I have never cried so much in a cinema in my entire life, I was really moved and that takes alot considering how fat I am.

Yeah I'm 'Miss Self Esteem' aren't I?

Don't tell mother but I have lost my 'Christian Dior' Sunglasses that mother gave to me as a gift (her idea of a gift is something she likes but gives to you so she can 'borrow' said gift) so I need to know where I can get cheap/good knockoffs of sunglasses because my mother is a nazi.

Yes the nazi party is now allowing fijian women into the party.

I hope I get better soon I actually hate missing out on school.

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