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Monday, March 28

Have you ever?

Have you ever done something not like you, enjoyed it and have been left to wonder, should I regret it or not?

No? neither have I


Babs xxx said...

I have, but I tend not to wonder, I just go "well that was odd. no one would believe I did that. but it was fun!" and then forget about it 3 seconds later ... why ... what did you do? or not do? ;)

Kimberly said...

It was a rhetorical question that's all, rhetorical, very very rhetorical.

Babs xxx said...

O_o ... rhetorical you say ... o_O

Hehe, ehhh, what do I know. I'm currently watching "For Love Or Money ... 2"! And thoroughly enjoying it! Oh the horror that is my lame taste.

Anyway, hope you're well chicka xxx