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Tuesday, March 15

I'm Back and Better than ever

Ok so I haven't posted for ages because a) was lacking in an actual internet connection and b) I had a life, I had things to do, I was consumed with learning, working and I even had an actual date.

My new school is amazing I'm enjoying it so much, I'm learning every day and everyone in my class is just adorable, it makes me feel all happy and stuff just talking about it I love my school ever so much. In the three weeks i have done so much and even got given free tickets for the theatre by the schools principal. (it was 'the chairs' currently at the belvoir st. theatre in Sydney)

Oh a big thankyou to Bella-boo, Ramona and 'The Sage Tithonus' for helping to entertain me on my 21st and distracted me enough not to get depressed because I'm alone and fat and have frizzy hair

Will write more later, I have my internet back on I need to do alot of catching up.

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