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Wednesday, November 9

Well theres the...

Stupid one night stand i had on Saturday night, it was fun, he was fun, it was good, he was good, I was good he was incredibly stupid.
Sunday was work I was stupid and tired and employers took advantage.
Monday was exam I was oh so tired and feeling much worse for wear.
Monday Night I went to a secret Dandy Warhols concert at "The Annandale Hotel"
Tuesday I couldn't wake up my heat ached my body ached, my throat was swollen
Wednesday (Today) I wake up I still can'tswallow I have tonsilitis

I want to die

I'd try to sleep but everytime I close my eyes I get an image of a young man dancing around the room wearing nothing but a used condom and singing "Eye of the tiger" this seems to the type of man I seem to attract.

It could be worse he could of been short.


Kimberly said...

There were comments posted by the above mentioned boy, talking about how good I am in bed, I'm hoping you didn't read them you don't need to know how truly amazing a lover I really am, it would really detract from my writing, so I deleted the posts after spending several days figuring out how to do it.

Anonymous said...

yea but u know this girl has really big bananas to give to men yeaahh!