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Wednesday, November 30

I feel more and more inept everyday, I was thinking it was some sort of depression associated with the end of the year and of school and the like but it's not a depression it's genuine ineptitude, I feel like I'm getting stupider (?) and more useless.

Am developing far too much of a fondness for red wine... it's just soooo nice

I need a change, a new job, a new plan, a new hairstyle, I wonder how I'd go as a blonde?

I don't need it... really.

I just want to be useful again.

Maybe I'm not feeling inept, just unwanted.

1 comment:

Babs xxx said...

I want a new hairstyle too. Let's go get something melodramatic and crazy done!

and aww, but I want you! for you are one sexy thang. word. xxxxxxxxxxx