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Monday, June 12

I have learnt over recent weeks that men are stupid!

Ok it's not that men are stupid it just seems to be that the men that I associate with are stupid beyond belief.

Ok I wouldn't say that the men that I associate with are stupid but stupid will be the blanket phrase I would use to describe their ignorance, their ineptitude and their ability to turn me into a bumbling stupid person.

Do you know that before I ever dealt with men I was considered an intelligent individual with a lot of potential, however now I am Kimberly: She Could of been great if she wasn't so tragically obsessed with creatures with chest hair and penises.

On better news one of my Gal pals from High School ' has announced her engagement, I am so happy for her but I honestly just go wow how does someone meet someone they want to spend forever with, when I can't meet anyone I want to spend more than a few hours with?

It's just me whingeing, goodnes I like to complain

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