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Saturday, September 5


I have been off sick for the whole week I have not had a cold this bad in such a very very very long time, it's quite weird waiting for a cold to go away, I'm not smoking i'm not drinkinga and I'm not eating crap but my head still is full of goo and I have no voice.

I'm also super bored, and in my immense boredom of not having anything to do (and being dosed up on cold a flu tablets and massive amounts of vitamin c) have concocted in my head that someone has died, no body specific, but I have been trawling obituraries for the last few hours and checking facebook to make sure all my friends (or at least all my friends with facebook ) are alive.

I have had unlimited access to internet over the last six days it's the only thing I have the slightest amount of energy to do but I look at it look at the same five sites I always look at and then go straight to bed, I could be making Latvian pen pals or learning Spanish or attempt to read all of Wikipedia I could be attempting to improve myself in some way and all I do is look at clothes, girls in clothes and blogs written about girls in clothes...

Please I hope I'm not becoming dumber,

Please I hope nobody is dead, thinking someone is dead is a horrible feeling

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Deborah-lee said...

*LOL* .. you still have your writing.. and this made me laugh!

Once upon a time I'd be twawling information on the web for hours. I'm like you now. I pretty much come on and check the same 5-6 sites hoping in vain for instant updates!! Maybe we have information overload?