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Wednesday, September 9

The Spank Bank: Part Two

Nuff said really, James Garner is a man, tanned nicely not to the leathery scrotum looking Mr Cary Grant but in a healtyish way (I'm not too fond of tanned me don't know why) anyways, have you seen Maverick (the t.v. series) You haven't well you should even if you aren't into light western comedies from the 50's Maverick rocks, and actually you should watch after James Garner Leaves and Roger Moore replaces him, Roger More isn't really Spank worthy but he is deliciously out of place.
Also The Great Escape! I mean him a Donald Pleasence (to be in a future spank bank) had the whole simmering homoerotic love thing down pat waaay before Brokeback Mountain, I mean James Garner he was the fucking rock, there was nothing he wouldn't do for him!  plus in the Great Escape he wears two clothing items that trigger a knicker change in me, a knitted turtleneck and the colour navy blue...phwoar

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Deborah-lee said...

Oh be still my heart! James accent is so McDreamy! Cary's is just so common *GEE*