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Sunday, September 27

The Spank Bank: Mr Chris Isaak

Oh my frickin' Gawd there is no man alive right now sexier than Mr Chris Isaak! his voice, his hair, the way he dresses, I've been in love since I would of been ten with Chris Isaak and in all honesty I would do pretty much anything to get some pash time with him, I figure once he gets to kiss me because I'm really really good at it he won't want to leave.

I may have watched every episode of his short -lived ( extremely short lives) comedy series The Chris Isaak Show and secretly loved every minute of it, I saw him live about 5 years ago but I haven't been able to afford to go see him since, oh well he'll be back soon (he comes to Australia alot) and I'll be (knickerless and) waiting.

Go watch Wicked Game and if you don't have a man or a lady boner then you are not human.

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