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Tuesday, October 27

Overnight at 67c = perfection

I need a sous vide

It's an expensive temperature controlled water bath, I have been experimenting with trying to make 67 degree eggs (google them they are the most perfect eggs) and I can't get the water down below 73 degrees (two hours makes a closeish poor cousin copy) I'm absolutely jonesing for just clotted egg right now. Ooh and a two day cooked steak, maybe two ( I mean if i'm cooking steak for two dya I should make a backup one right?) and some asparagus spears for dipping.

I'm writing this where i'm on my way to leftover cauliflower broccoli and mustard soup which yes admittedly I did a great job on but when you want a two day cooked steak it ain't gonna cut it.

Damn why are sous vide so friggin expensive? I think I'm going to try and rig a slow cooker with a thermostat? I just need to figure out how to work with electricity which is really just a hit and miss kind of thing.

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