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Saturday, October 17

I'm a cliche!

I’m at work… I the other day applied for a better job in another department… fingers crossed


I probably won’t get but I applied and it will be something to distract me from fact that I ain’t going to be studying for a long time if not ever again, oh well there is always that ukulele course I have been eyeing off at Sydney Community college if I want to be a student again.


Le Sigh.

In other non related news I got me an iphone and I’m addicted, it’s simply has ruined me for all future men… wait phones it’s simple and pretty and the internet surfing is a dream I can look at websites quickly, facebook is quicker on my phone than it is on my computer, websites are clear and crisp and don’t get me started on the applications… I may of actually started twittering… I never realised how easy it is to do. Bad me I have become a cliché  I’m an arts student dropout with a blog a facebook and twitter account and now an Iphone.


For Shame Kimberly for Shame


P.S. the perfect show to upload to an iphone for commutes is ‘Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Good Job’ actually any “Adult Swim” show is great for a commute and I don’t think I can live without my politically incorrect sketch comedy in the morning.




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