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Saturday, October 31

another saturday at work

I swapped with someone to work on Saturday today

- good because is quiet at work and I have time to think, well sort of

- bad because the weather is so beautiful outside and I could be at the Good Food festival or some other Sydney gourmet wank gathering probably eating cheese and olives (my two favourite food groups)

- good because I’m now watching ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ on my own personal TV whilst working

- bad as now I have no time to buy the final touch for my costume (hunting yellow lensed glasses)  I had planned to dress up as Walter (the John Goodman Character) from The Big Lebowski

- good as I don’t have to go to Halloween Parties I was invited by work/ half arsed friends to and make small talk to 21 year old girls dressed up as Lady Gaga whilst trying to explain the plot to The Big Lebowski and who I’m supposed to be, ok I got One good inviite might go to that one

- bad as now have nothing to do tonight halloweeny, theres a few good gigs on around town maybe can go out and see the Cuban Brothers or Bluejuice both great live shows

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