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Wednesday, November 4


I've been well...ish well I had been I had managed to avoid gluten for over a month so was feeling on top of the world except last three days my digestive process has been much quicker and more liquidy than desired (even minus gluten) So off I went to the Doctor who immediately declared me to be pregnant, but I debunked that theory when I advised him that I had bled a few days ago, so he then declared me to have food poisoning or a virus which I agreed to and then he said I would be fine by tomorrow if I only ate eggs and rice and other bland foods which I did but I'm still churning away turning all that enters me into biley soupiness, but alls well that ends well I have spend my time productively watching

Community (the t.v series) ; which has to be the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time, dare I say funnier than 30Rock but not as funny as The Mary Tyler Moore Show my benchmark in Sitcom funniness, or M.A.S.H in the golden period of about a season that had both Colonel Potter and Frank Burns)

Delocated: (another T.V series); Adult Swim it's pretty damn funny

Mad Men Season Three; It's letting me down in so many ways, Don is a Douche, Betty is a Douche, Peggy is nowhere to be seen but I'm still watching because it's so pretty

Dexter Season Four; Good so far, but too much naked John Lithgow for my tastes, should read the books but y'know why bother when there is a T.V version

Born Yesterday;  A movie from 1950? I used to love this movie, the one liners, her accent! and this faboo sequinned jumpsuit she wears as loungesuit, it's a wonderful way to pass the day away.

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