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Wednesday, July 13

I'm pathetic: part 673

I'm in an internet cafe right now, I have just purchased myself a ticket for the movie "The sisterhood of the travelling pants" O'm hoping that it's a post period thing where I go crazy and lose all sense and taste and relish teen-chick-flicks, that or plain and simple I'm just a loser a plain and boring loser.

In the net cafe I'm in the boy i'm sitting next to is very hot not it has any re;evance to anything, it's just there are so few attractive men out there any more that any sightings should be cherished as they could be your very last vision of a hot boy, that or plain and simple I'm just trying to justify that I'm a pervert.

Yeah I know, but it's nice once in a while to pretend I'm normal


Anonymous said...

Please let us know if it's any good. My sister wants to see it and I suspect I'd rather set my hair on fire.

Babs xxx said...

Yeah, how was ze travelling pants? I wish I had magic pants... re: leaving diaryness, I still suspect slimyness, but may return to it after long vacationness. we'll see. :)

sarah said...

i loved it! i saw it too!! and i cried like a BAAAABY...! meanwhile because you left dland, i forgot this existed... and then remembered! joy was me.