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Thursday, January 6

I'm ready

Yes, so 2005 is shaping up to be less swomewhat... what is the word, um er 'FUCKED UP'

I have a school to go to... that's a positive point
I have almost got a place to live in... that's also a positive point
I'm turning 21... that's positive, but I look and feel like I'm 38 with a crack addiction so being older is really a neutral point.
I have a new and exciting blog, with mobile blogging capabilities... that's a positive

I might also add I'm starting 2005 with less flea bites than any other year!

I'm ready to take on the world.

(note: this entry might of been fuelled by excess vodka and prozac consumption, do not try it at home kiddies unless you have a crazy doctor who will pescribe you anything)

(note: I'm not really on prozac, I'm on lithium)

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