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Friday, May 4

I haven't posted much of late because I took my computer to a repair guy and when I got it back it wouldn't connect onto the internet.

That and I have had a life... ok not so much of a life but I've actually been busy, busy, busy.

and yes saying something three times makes it seem much more important.

On Monday: I saw my beloved 'Richie' and we had coffee and caught up and hugged and ate thai food, all in all my perfect friend date.

On Monday Night: Dumbass Chef/DJ/Ex calls me and propositions me for sex, I being Miss High and Mighty 2006 turned him down with the (fake) excuse that I have a boyfriend, he being the dumbass that he is then asked me what I thought about "a bit on the side?" I proceeded to laugh at him and suggest instead of sex that we catch up for a coffee, I wonder why he didn't take me up on my offer?

On Tuesday & Wednesday: Nothing to Report

On Thursday (Yesterday): After work at "The Company" me and girlfriend from work, head to the Annandale to see a friends band "Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers" My intention for the night was that I would see the band and get home by midnight... Of course I always seem to forget that I am Kimberly and I never manage to stick to any plans. So my early night ended up being an all night conversation with a friend of a friend of mine who I unexpectedly bumped into at 'The Annandale' that was punctuated with lots of alcohol and the occasional pub shutting down, all in all we managed to stay in pubs until 6am I felt so rock and roll. Plus I made a new friend and he seems to rock.

Now I'm On my way to work and a night out with my other beloved Boo, I have only slept an hour so I don't think I'll last long tonight, wish me luck.

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