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Monday, May 14

OkStupid Message for the Day

Ok so I have mentioned that my profile is on a 'networking' site it's really not much of a deal as the only men who contact me are usually good christian men from nigeria who are looking for a bride, So I got excited when I saw a message in my inbox that wasn't a marriage proposal until I read it properly

"hi i see you are freinds (sic) with Boo i think see i very very sexy in her pics any chance you could ask her to check her messages please thankyou"

Now I'll agree readily that Boo is one of the sexiest people I know but, but she is also an absolute grammar bitch, sometimes I wonder how we get along as my typing is atrocious and my usage of words is usually 90% inappropriate (granted most of my knowledge of the English language has come from word of the day toilet paper) but anyway, when I got that message and looked at his profile and decided that he wasn't quite suitable.

1 comment:

Boo said...

Heeee, absolute grammar bitch? I want that written on a t-shirt. Also, I like how under the language section of his profile he claims "English". How cute.

Meanwhile, I'd still love you even if you spoke in an incoherent series of ramblings and never wore any pants.