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Thursday, May 31

Winter means...

I like winter it means I can drink lots of sugar-free, dairy-free, flavour-free cocoa, mmm with some fake peppermint essence to make it more wintery.

It means brussel sprouts are in season, which means they are cheap and and yummy and not the soggy frozen ones I have to make do with the rest of the year, I bought two kilos today and I think they will last me until tomorrow.

Have I ever told you that I have a major addiction to brussel sprouts? well I do.

It means I can now move into my dykey winter uniform of jeans, chuck taylors and novelty t-shirts with trench coats.

It means I can bring out my ugly beanie collection in the name of warmth.

Added bonus: ugly beanies cover up, my hideous hair at the moment (I'm growing out my hair back to the Afro of yore, which means I have taken a vow this year not to colour, straighten or do anything cool and exciting to my hair until it's at least shoulder length which is pissing me off)

Speaking of hair I have been growing my armpit hair for the last two months, If you ever get the chance to do it, you should it's really quite fun, my armpit hair is considerably lighter than my head hair.

Why am I doing it? well because I can and because there are no men in my life at the moment and I really have no desire to find men in the near future, thus I don't have to be so regimented with the grooming and I have always wondered if it is possible to grow armpit hair to a length that can be plaited... only time will tell.

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