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Monday, October 31

Melbourne cup Day

It's tomorrow, I should have a bet, in fact I do believe I have to bet as I think it's actually a law that at 3:15 I must stop all brain activity and pretend I'm interested in horses.

My father would of betted on "On a Jeune" so I will put money on that one

I will put money on "Leica Falcon" because I always like to bet on horses trained by someone called Gai Waterhouse, plus she has the most kickarse name.

Because I recently did the make-up on a short film that had an eye gouging I shall also put money on "Eye Popper"

And "Railing" is another one that I do like the sound of.

My safe predictability will probably make me put money on that bloody "Makybe Diva" But I really want her to lose.

It really is stupid but I'm Australian it's my right to bet on horses and pretend I have a knowledge of the entire activity for one whole day and then brag about the fact that I put money on the winner (easy to acomplish as most place bets on all horses)

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