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Saturday, October 1

Curse you Sudoku!

Well, on thursday we finally settled the Dead Dad Estate, Deryn and I were so overcome with emotion, that we as soon as we stepped out of the solicitors office laughed and gave each other the biggest warmest hug I have ever experienced, we will be about $15,000 poorer than we intended but fuck it everything is settled now and Deryn and I own a House.

I got to hang out with my dear friend Lib also on thursday, I love hanging out with her, she is a conservative, middle class christian, and I'm a gullible, left wing, poverty stricken Unitarian but we just get along so well it's so bizarre, anyway I adore her all the same.

I also completed my first Sudoku puzzle on thursday, it was at the diabolical level and I finished it, I never did them because they just looked so dull, but now that I have done one I've got a taste for them, curse you Sudoku

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