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Friday, October 7

I love

I love going to the gym and watching Beavis and Butthead marathons while i'm on a bike
I love long lukewarm showers
I love concealing pimples and redness on peoples skin
I love cheese and wholegrain mustard on wholegrain toast
I love ginger ale
I love being so tired that I fall asleep on my couch
I love leaving important things til the last minute
I love the feel of cold tile against my skin, so much so I often just lie in my bathroom
I love cooking things in my bamboo steamer
I love reading through the IKEA catalogue
I love roasted garlic
I love shandies (thats beer and lemonade) I also love , Strongbow cider and watermelon caprioskas.
I love cleaning my ears with a cotton bud
I love watching people on the bus
I love two dollar shops
I love that thick custard that bakeries have in their cakes.
I love finishing a knitting project
I love reading Spike in the Sydney Morning Herald
I love putting nutmeg on my cereal at breakfast
I love to ride my bike through Marrickville at 3am
I love the freckles on mens shoulders
I love to have imaginary conversations with my friends in my head.
I love pin-up girl images
I love strawberries
actually it's all pretty good


Babs xxx said...

Oooh, I love imaginary conversations too! I'm always having them on the bus and then I make faces in response to the imaginary conversation. People on buses must think I'm a weirdo by now, but oh well!

Deryn said...

Sister, i am cut. In your lists of things you love you left out 1 thing, probably the most important thing you will ever have to pleasure of knowing........ SUSHI! (ahhhh, you thought i was gonna say me didn't you? Its ok i don't like you that much either)