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Sunday, October 23

I'm drunk

I have just consumed most of a bottle of red wine nd I'm watching romancing the stone you know the movie with michael douglas and that kickarse billy (you know the black dude) song "whjen the going gets tough the tough get going"

It's so humid, the weather is made for sex except I have nobody to fuck, i just want to make out with somenbody, feel warm, sweaty skin next to mine, I want someone to kiss me between my shoulderblades and muzzle my neck someone whp will linger with thioer kisses and caress me, why can't I find someone to do all that?

I need a boyfriend.

I need to get laid.

I need to lay off the red wine.

I asked an old fuckbuddy to come over and he w2s too busy, I texted someone else and he hasn't replied, I hate being drunk and hornmy and with too many thoughts in my head because I just get far too restless.

I don't know what ndo with my li8fe, I'm intellkigent, I'm ARTICULATE AND FUCK i'M EVEN WITTY but I don;'t know what to do somebody tell em because i'm losing sleep, and i need my sleedp, it's getting far too mcuh for me.

I shoudl go to bedd
would be much better if a man was joining me though.


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