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Monday, July 9

The Kimberly of Yore

I used to be worse, I used to be a lot louder, I used to be aggressive, I used to be much more demanding, I was scathing with my insults and I got away with it all.

I don't know what happened but slowly I became nicer, friendlier, I smiled more often and now I look at myself and the way people are treating me and I'm getting walked all over, OK I just feel like this today, but I have a feeling I will feel the same tomorrow. And OK I have probably been encouraging this behaviour.

Maybe I should start getting back to the old Kimberly who was loud, arrogant who stomped her feet and got her own way, I need things to start going my way.

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1 comment:

Lynda said...

sounds like I stole your bitchiness :P
I used to be quiet, polite, smile a lot....now I'm a surly, bossy biatch