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Friday, July 13

I shaved my armpits for this?

Earlier this week I had an audition for a commercial for one of those multi-national weight loss conglomerates and yesterday I found out I got the part of the 'fat girl who walks along the beach in her bathers' which was fine, I have modelled in a lot less clothing before so wearing a swimsuit would be absolutely fine...


It's winter, the shoot was at seven am this morning and did I mention it was winter?

Anyways look out for my cellulite on a television near you (if you happen to be in Australia or NZ) in the upcoming months

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Lynda said...

Whoa, you're so famous.
I can't believe I read your blog.

Kimberly said...

I'm actually terrified, I don't want people to lose their dinners over my pasty cottage cheese thighs, but I'll Guarantee an autographed photo for all of my devoted blog readers,

I love you both!