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Wednesday, July 18


It's so freakin' cold! I have to go collect course schedules but bed and duvet/doona are so much warmer, I should also clean my flat and do some laundry and buy some groceries and all in all be a mature responsible adult, but recent evidence (a.k.a my life) has indicated I really am a five year old child with a fondness for gin.

Saturday Night I went to a housewarming of a friend with my beloved Boo, I consumed alot, I woke upon Sunday in the doorway with lots of miscellaneous little scratches on my body, was thinking and I shouldn't combine flu medication with hard liquor, but a dripping nose is so annoying while drinking.

Or maybe I should stop the drinking whilst I'm sick? but of course it is the coldest winter on record here in Sydney and I have to keep on drinking in order to keep my body alive... right?

note: Alcoholics can justify anything

I better go get my schedules and timetables.

Does anyone want to go see some comedians tonight?

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