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Saturday, December 2

I may attract losers but...

Ok I don't think in my life I have ever met a 'potential partner' in a normal way, I never get introduced to guys that are friends of friends, I don't flirt with boys in my lectures, I don't get drunk and get felt up in the ladies room.
Instead I have met men when waiting on them, I have met men while on the bus, I have met men after putting make-up on them. Granted none of these realtionships have ever amounted to anything great but I was writing this entry for a reason... wait it was the boy on the bus.
About two years ago I started flirting with a boy on my bus route it wasn't verbal it was all those stolen glances, and smiles that cheesy movies have . No notice taken we were always kept apart by the hundreds of people crammed into a peak hour bus to the city.
Anyway one day while waiting for a movie this is now a year ago, I decide to pop into the nearest pub and have a beer and read my novel (my most favourite thing in the world is reading a good book in a pub with a gorgeous beer) anyway I'm sitting at the the bar reading and I turn around and I see the boy fom the bus he introduces himself, I say hello introduce myself, he tells me how he has seen me on the bus, I respond with a very similar comment about him, then leans forward and mumbles something... ok I heard him loud and clear, he repeats his statement.
"From the first time I saw you I wanted to go down on you."
He said it and I stupidly giggle.
After a couple more bump into each other moments and comments of a similar vein i stupidly give him my number.
It ended up being very embarassing for him and we never spoke again, he'd sms me when he spotted me with a new haircut.
Anyway you are probably wondering why I am writing this all out what does this have to do with the price of eggs?
I bumped into this fellow on the bus the other day, we chatted and went to a pub and had a couple of beers, talked about our lives and I realised (how do I phrase this politely?) that this guy was a bit of a hmm how does 'not compatible with Kimberly' type sound? ok Loser would be much more apt, I left the meeting feeling really happy that I never got involved in anything more than a flirtation.
I have been thinking about it a fair bit these last couple of days, but all in all life is pretty damn sweet, now all I need is to be thinner, richer, smarter and smell like cinnamona dn my life wouuld be perfect.
I may attract losers, but I don't go out with them... GO ME!

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Ramona said...

Clearly you're smarter than me then.