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Wednesday, November 29

Lucy and Ethel an Adventure

I have two breasts... yes I know gasp!Anyway my two breasts I have named Lucy and Ethel (yes after sitcom characters) anyways. Lucy is starting to give me the absolute shits this week and I'm seriously conidering going amazon on her arse or better still her tit.When I get bored I do this thing called the pencil test you may of heard about it it's a test to officially decide the perkiness of your breasts by seeing their ability to hold up a pencil, if you cannot hold a pencil under them that means "yay you girl have some perky boobies!" Now Ethel (she's on my left) is great at this game she cannot for the life of her hold onto a pencil she flies high and mighty and looks like the breast of a 22 year old.But Lucy... Lucy has been the bane of my existence for the last few months, she failed the pencil test a few months ago, it wasn't major the pencil just stayed there for a few seconds then fell to the floor, So I decided to when I'm at the Gym to focus on chest pulls and boobie lifting exercises, but alas this morning Lucy failed me again and further more I think she has drooped even lower.I don't mind droop it's a part of getting older but a) I'm 22 and b) they should both droop at the same time!I wonder if testicle drop and breast drop have something in common?Now you are probably wondering why on earth would anyone talk in depth about her boobs on myspace?Well my brother reads this blog and I just wanted to make him feel uncomfortable.

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Cathy said...

Your all class lady!

I'm so happy your posting again. Best wishes Cat (formally of D land)