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Saturday, November 11

All I want for Christmas

God are you there? It's me Kimberly

I think because this has been such a hectic year I deserve a slightly more extravagant Christmas gift than my usual bath salts and cheap christmas themed boxes of chocolates.

So therefore I suggest this

Now if that didn't seem appropriate and a little tacky for Christmas, you could always spend an extra couple grand' on this

I did after all get really good marks and I think you spending copious amounts of money on me is really the only way to ensure that I keep on doing well in my studies, you don't want my grades to suffer do you?

This is what normal people do I hear

Ok I'm assuming that normal people buy affection, I didn't come from a normal family, I came from a family that considered time spent together as a gift, how cheap can you get?

It's time to rectify the trauma of my upbringing... with money, so I can be normal.

C'mon you know you wanna!


P.S. you don't have to buy the gift yourself you can just give the money to this guy and tell him what to do, I know how modest you are.

P.P.S it doesn't need to be gift wrapped

P.P.P.S don't forget to include the charger.

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