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Tuesday, June 14

Bizarre Love Triangle

I have the pet shop boys "Bizarre love Triangle" on constant loop in my head, I just always have loved that song since forever and probably before then. But the last week has cemented it into my skull.

Weddings suck arse, ok I suck arse at weddings but one thing I know is I want to get married just so I can piss a lot of people off.

I want to dissappear for a while and take a holiday.

Strange men keep on staring at me on the street, some even walk up to me and say hello, I just want to know where people especially old ugly people get this confidence from? to approach a stranger and to expect a positive response is amazing and yet time and time again it happens, it must be because I am a fat chick, people must assume I have no self esteem and thus feel more confident with me, or I appear as a desperate slut to every man and his dog?

I now want to dissappear more and more.

Piniata's are the tool of the devil, you have been warned

Somebody runaway with me, we can become gypsies!

I'm tired

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