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Saturday, August 29

The Spank Bank: part one

Inspired by one of my favourite bloggers
Lady SJ and her great collection of 'Men I'd Smoke' I have decided to compile a list of the men I find most attractive in the world a) so I can show my grandkids (that's if i'm unlucky enough to get knocked up and live long enough to see my children get knocked up) the kinky shit I'm into, and also b) gives me an excuse to collect more material for the 'spank bank'

Number One: Mr Lee Marvin

He is my ultimate in Actors and in men, he's the man I would drop everything for, if I encountered a man who looked like Lee Marvin in the mid 1960's I would drop everthing there and then and ride him home. In fact talking about him requires me to go change my knickers.

Number Two: Mr Errol Flynn

Oh Errol! I would do anything just to be with him, yes he is Australian and looks Australian and I have not placed very many Australians into the 'spank bank' as most of the time they look Australian but he rocks a mo' like no one else and Captain Blood is a great movie and phwoar! he looks like he'd be a good no nonsense root (none of that candles and rose petals bull shit)

more to come.

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