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Saturday, August 1

At work because I want to be

At work today decided to do overtime as I have to stockpile money for entertainment over the next few weeks (and also to try and fill the gaping hole known as my personal debt). It’s ok because it’s quiet here at work, I’m actually watching Breaking Bad on one of the many T.V.’s here at work and it’s too busy so can actually enjoy my day.


Splendour in the Grass was fantabulous even though I was sick and I got to see The Specials and The Happy Mondays right up near the front so I can almost die happy (need to tick off B52’s, New Order, Sufjan Stevens, The Cardigans, Fleetwood Mac, and Dolly Parton off my living musicians I need to see live list)


I think I’m going to make Coq Au Vin tonight, or sleep as I’ll be doing it all again tomorrow.





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