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Friday, June 19

A shit of a day/week/month/life

week has been negative fourteen out of ten

today so far negative three out of ten.

Things are technically improving.

- I'm daydreaming about a Tiki/ Hawaiian themed bathroom.
- cannot wait to go see The Specials, Happy Mondays, Flaming Lips, Architecture in Helsinki, Dananananaykroyd, Bluejuice, and Midnight Juggernauts at Splendour in the grass In july(thank you brother)
- keep on having dreams of myself in this domino print dress, cannot afford domino dress so maybe will draw pictures of dominos onto an old t-shirt and hope it makes me look like beth ditto.
-why do I want to look like beth ditto? she's cool but my style is so lazy compared to her.

I should explain why I'm in a shit of mood, but I won't, because you don't really care

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