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Tuesday, June 16

Back to blogging

Am writing blog again, decided if I have time to go online have time to write inane crap about what I want, nobody reads this drivel, so I’m just going to store the brain overflow here

- I want another tattoo (something a little less sarcastic)

- I want to get my left nipple pierced

- I want to have a wedding (I don’t want to get married but I want an excuse to wear a white dress and have a multi story cake with a statue on it)

- I want a Chanel 2.55 (it’s a handbag peoples)

- I want to learn how to drive

- I want to stop everything work/ study related for three months and not ruin my life

- I want to go a whole week without wheat… without cheating on the occasional beer

- I want to go to Fuji Rock, Lollapalooza, and Glastonbury

- I want a leopard print dress that makes me look rootable

- I want to perfect my maple glazed pork belly recipe

- I want to start a degree and finish it without taking time off to make money to pay for a house I don’t even want

- I want to to sleep eight hours a night

- I want to read a novel a week again.

- I want to win a pub trivia jackpot

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