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Thursday, June 21

wrecked and ruined

On Monday, Brother and I finally signed the last of the bloody documents...

The "Dead Dad Estate" looks like it's finally settled, I'm happy...ish

It was good going up to Newcastle, seeing Deryn and looking at the "Pasha Bulker" wreck on Nobby's Beach,

If you don't know about the Pasha Bulker click here.

And look at the mobile phone photo I took

It's funny there were hundreds of tourists all lined along the road, looking and taking photos of the wreck, and apparently it gets even more crowded at night because it's all lit up and gorgeous, they all want to get their photos taken in front of it before they repair her and she leaves.

The photo does not show how huge the boat is, it really is a massive site, and it's all on a beach I have been to hundreds of times.

I in my typical tasteless style wanted to get a photo of Deryn and me in front of the wreck, Deryn in his typical "Anti-whatever-Kimberly-wants-to-do" style disagreed but he obliged me with a cheesy "myspace-style" self portrait.

We were both cute kids, that had a really hideous adolescence, but I think my brother and I might turn out to be tolerable adults.

But yeah Deryn and I are getting slightly more attractive and the estate is settled, It's not much but I am at a pretty happy place right now, now where's the man who wants to marry me?

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