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Tuesday, January 3

Happy New Year


NYE 2005 006
Originally uploaded by kimberly.lives.
My New Years Eve, I hung out with gal pal Boo, we got remotely drunk, walked around Darling Harbour, had many people look at out breasts(mainly Boo's she has a killer rack!) yeah we were kinda skankily dressed (as you can see in the photo that was taken by a drunken Englishman) But Boo, had Jesus nestled in between her boobs whereas I had crumbs from lunch, oh and I was fighting the killer migraine caused by light up head-gear that was made for tiny headed people not my fat headed majestic afroed self, but it was the funnest night and I lost lots of money at casino after the fireworks. Oh well to a kickarse 2006!


Kimberly said...

Obviously nobody thinks Boo and I are at all attractive, that or nobody actually reads this blog.

Boo said...

I believe it is merely that we are too hott for words, kiks ;)

tit ho said...

Pff, you are both smokin' hot. Also, pfff. I like saying that. Pfff. I shall say it more often, from now on.