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Tuesday, May 10

A reflex action

I slept in today and woke up ten minutes ago, Obviously too late for school, so now I am here in my underwear, coffee in my hand wondering what to do next.

It's moments like these that make me think my life is inceribly empty and pointless.

Ok it's not totally empty and there are a few miniscule points in my life that need to be maintained, but on the whole There is alot of emptiness in my life that needs to be filled or at least pushed to the back and have somethijng distracting stuck on the top.

I do this every few days when I ask myself, what the hell amd I doing what I am doing for?
And my brain can't for the life of it find an answer and that's something because I am queen of the excuses. (yes last year all the little excuses got together and democratically elected me as their queen)

It must because I am incredibly alone, coming home to an empty house is this incredibly odd feeling it's become this reflex action when I get home, I open the front door and then sigh.

I'm tired I really am and to add fuel to the fire I am reading 'Hell' by Dante, it's really nice to know that there are so many different routes to hell and right now I qualify for at least a dozen of them.

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