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Sunday, May 15

Prepare yourselves.

My computer is broken dangnabbit, and so I am internetless and cashless for the next couple of days while i await it's repair

Oh fuckbuckets.

So be prepared for the next few days a moblogging extravaganza!

(for those that don't know moblogging is entering my blog entries via mobile phone so that I can update 'kimberly-lives' from anywhere in the world with phone reception and also mobile phone credit allowing)

yeah so that is it apart from saying FUCK FUCK FUCK why does my life have to be the crappest life ever I can barely afford school fees let alone fucking computer repairs, FUCKING DELL computers leading me into the false sense of security that I could trust you with everything all my documents, my secrets, my life. Fuckety Fuck Fuck.

I think that helped

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