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Thursday, March 6

Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I'm twenty-four

As of Monday I am now officially twenty-four years old, It's been a good so far I have spent the the last week eating drinking and sitting on a phone waiting for it to ring.

The new job is going well, everyone at work (by everyone I mean the majority of the young girls in my team) dislike me but everyone else is absolutely delicious... well deliciousish.

New house leaks when the sudden end of Summer deluges hit but apart from that the house is still standing.

Due to the base of my bed not being able to fit up the staircase to go into my room, I have created my own very comfy mattress base with twenty milk crates, and because the bed is so wonderful, I have also furnished my room with a milk crate wardrobe and soon a milk crate computer table with more milk crate goodies yet to come.

My darling brother gave me the most wonderful present I went to the Laneway Festival! and it was uber fantastic.

As a birthday pressie to myself I bought myself tickets to go so see my most favourite band at the moment Nouvelle Vague and I had even more of a blast.

Life is ok, still poor but somewhat happier... for now

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