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Saturday, March 18

Ladies and gentlemen I have been working (as make-up artist) on a play and it has been absolutely wonderful, so if you are anywhere near Macquarie University and want to see some talented, hot, young things performing one of the worlds most famous plays go and click here and tell them Kimberly the make-up artist sent you, or don't as it doesnt entitle you to a discount or anything, but anyway you should because it's cheaper than a movie, more mentally fulfilling and with live theatre there is always the delicious possibility of someone crashing and burning on stage.

Anyway how am I? I'm alive, and I'm tired and I want to throw actual income making job in and join a gypsy gang, and travel the country cursing people.

Ok am fine amd just finding that the people I thought I knew are different or I'm just more aware of their flaws at the moment, but that might just be me being melodramatic.

Speaking of drama have I mentioned that I am currently working on a play? Romeo and Juliet to be exact, it's at the Lighthouse theatre at Macquarie University and is critically acclaimed (by critically acclaimed of course I mean me) anyway help the kids out and give them your money.


Anonymous said...



-tit ho

Babs said...

when you say "kill", you mean in the traditional manner whereby you force her to ingest numerous cocktails, right? because I'm sooo down for that ;)

Anonymous said...

Wait, what, cocktails again? When? Why is this happenning? EVERYTHING WILL SLOW DOWN UNTIL I UNDERSTAND IT!!!!!

Kimberly said...

bad news cocktails have gone up to seven dollars (I think we took too much advantage of their $5 cocktails)