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Tuesday, December 28

The Beginning

This is the beginning of a new blog, I have decided this will be my official blog the one I can pass along to family and friends without fear, this will be the journal that is the non-dramatic me, there will be no hardcore emotional entries or political rants either, this will be just a place a nice quiet place where I can keep track of my life, granted I will still be keeping my old melodramatic diary with it's many words incoherently describing my pathetic attempts at life, but it will be locked up and only revealed to strangers (in other words, I'm changing the address baby!) while this my friends, is for my friends, enemies and acquaintances.

Now lets just hope I see this thing through.


Anonymous said...

Okay - how do i apply for the position of "Personal Taxi Driver"? Any specifications about the car? Will a 1972 Ambassador do?

Kimberly said...

As long as it can carry me and my many ikea purchases easily and without me actually fearing for my life, a 1972 ambassador (not that I have ever heard of one of those) will do just fine. But warning you must be on call 24 hours a day, can you and 'the Ambassador' handle that?